by zenquaker

I have decided, for better or for worse, to move my web presence here to WordPress. I used to mainly be on facebook, but I was reacting badly to some of the things my friends posted there. If I am to be honest with myself, I was being a jerk. Some of the people I was being a jerk to were being jerks as well, but not all of them were. And regardless of whether you’re being a jerk, I don’t want to be one. And while I have pretty much given up on the concept of a rational conversation on the Internet, I still hold out hope for a rational monologue on the Internet.

So I will be posting here from time to time, and uploading documents I have worked on here and there, whether or not anyone is reading this thing. Of course, last time I had a blog I thought no one was reading, someone read it, and I nearly lost my job. Hopefully I have learned my lesson since then. I’m not making any bets, though.