Bicycle I

by zenquaker

Today was a much better day than yesterday. Even if I did waste it blogging, I felt like I got something done. Oy, this will be the sixth blog post of the day. I did want to at least do the pencils on my remake of the Peace T-Shirt, but I blew that off. After blowing it off I realized it isn’t really a train/bus project, so it will have to be evenings or weekends if it’s going to get done. And I want to get it done, because I’ve been holding off on doing some other t-shirts through Cafe Press until I get that one done (because it will be the hardest). I also completely spaced on doing my budget tracking for next month. Maybe it’s good to hold off on that, since I will need to do some significant work on the Python program I wrote last month to switch over to double entry bookkeeping.

I did make my first bicycle ride to the grocery store it not nice weather today. It was cold (mid 40s) and wet (but not raining). The watch cap worked well, or rather the helmet adjusted easily to account for it. I didn’t wear gloves, but I think if it gets any colder than tonight I will probably want to. The wet roads and sidewalks weren’t a problem, but the brakes didn’t like it, which confirms to me that I shouldn’t do this in real rain. I wore my black jeans because they are heavier and warmer, but then realized that black jeans with my black army jacket is not the best biking outfit. I don’t have anything besides the army jacket for cold weather, but next time wear one of the pairs of khaki jeans if I’m riding at night. I did remember the lights, and the panniers Kirk got me have reflective strips, so I don’t think I was in terrible danger.

While at the grocery store I finally remembered to look for lactaid, especially after having to pass on a smoothie on the way back from Charlottesville with Andrew and Liz. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. I also tried to get some cash from the ATM, but I think I used the wrong pin.

Why cash from the ATM? It’s part of my plan for my 20th anniversary of quitting drugs at the end of the month. I saved $1,100 to get myself something special as a present. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything special. I am going to get a few odds and ends for myself, and I enrolled in an online habit formation course. One thing that is worrying me is that I can’t enjoy spending money. Since getting rid of most of my stuff, and in the process becoming much more frugal, I have not been able to enjoy anything I spend a significant amount of money on. I fell like I’m becoming a miserly tight wad like my Dad. That’s the last thing I want to be. So I decided to take the rest of the money I saved up and waste it. My only idea so far is lottery tickets. Maybe I’ll also rent a sports car like Mom did, and drive it around the beltway.

Well, time to pack in another day, so I can be well rested for a week that has the potential to be a real pain.