Habit II

by zenquaker

I did some prep work this morning to get ready for Monday. I reset my home pages on Firefox so opening up my web browser takes me straight to the website (Chess Tempo) to work on tactics problems. The second web page it opens is the one with my flash cards for Chess visualization (Study Stack). Eventually I will add note cards for the two main books I have studied (My System by Aron Nimzowitsch and The Amateur’s Mind by Jeremy Silman). I also printed out a sign that says “Work on Chess after dinner” and put it up so that it will be staring at me while I eat dinner. I even set up a 5 minute timer on the phone app I use to time my meditation. I have to hit the pharmacy tonight and get groceries tomorrow, and at one or the other I will pick up a bag of Almond Joys.

It’s a good thing I decided to do the prep work today. I’m having login problems at Chess Tempo. Hopefully I can get that resolved by Monday night.