Movie Review II

by zenquaker

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Imagine Groundhog Day as an action thriller and that’s basically what you’ve got. I guess it sounds pretty stupid when I say it that way, but it is actually a pretty decent movie. I like the way they show the disjointedness of the main character, both by dumping you into the opening scene with no knowledge, and by the way the other train passengers are disturbed by his actions [+]. I really liked the dynamics of the military characters: the way Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) keeps trying to break out of the mission for his own needs, the way Colleen Goodwyn (Vera Farmiga) is exasperated with him and feels for him at the same time, and the way Dr. Rutlege’s (Jeffrey Wright) character oozes to the top [+]. There are really three plot streams leading to conclusions. First is finding the bomber. The pursuit of it was patchy, and the conclusion of it was rather bland [-]. Then there is saving the train. Colter’s insistence on doing that creates some nice tension with the other military personnel, although it’s nothing special. It’s one of those rare happy endings that is emotional without shoving a sharpened screwdriver into your buttons [+]. Then there is the conflict on the military base, which is okay but kind of predictable. However, I didn’t like the ending of it, and since it comes after the really beautiful happy ending it ruins the effect of that happy ending [-]. The movie gets one point of oomph for the happy ending though. Final rating 6/10.