Habit V

by zenquaker

Day three brought five more minutes of Chess tactics problems. I was really chomping at the bit, both to get started (I cut my dinner reading short to do the problems) and to do more than five minutes (I pushed, but just a little). Today I did ten problems, and got nine of them right. I think that’s more due to the problems being easier than to me getting any better. The problems I did today had an average rating of 1343, while the ones I did yesterday had an average rating of 1396. Not a huge difference, but a significant one.

On the other hand, one of the teachers of the online habit course posted yesterday that results are not the point this week. There are very few habits where you’re going to get results from five minutes a day for a week. The point of this week is to tie the habit to the trigger. That part is working beautifully. It is also aided by the five minutes making it easier to get started. Wanting to push past the five minutes is natural for me, because I tend to push hard and burn out, which is another thing the five minutes is trying to prevent.