Efficiency I

by zenquaker

Today I had to clean up the automated tasks generated by the new system. Some of them were generated incorrectly, and had actually already been done in the old system. So I had to gather all of the unique identifiers from both systems, see which ones matched, and remove the matches from the new system. Finding the matches was somewhat interesting, as I had to figure out how to make SAS read a folder full of Excel spreadsheets into one data set. That gave me 65 matches, each of which took 12 mouse actions to clear. At first I was doing it with the mouse and the keyboard, but then I realized I could do the entire action with the mouse. Clearing the tasks manually was incredibly inefficient, so I figured I could gain back some efficiency by doing it with the mouse, which I could manipulate only with my fingers and thumb. The rest of my body I kept motionless while performing this task.

I was so efficient, I started to fall asleep. Lesson one in the downside of efficiency.