Adjutant II

by zenquaker

Okay, I have converted the Python 2.7 code to Python 3.2 code. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. Most of the problems were print statements becoming print functions, and some object which could be treated as lists in 2.7 but have to be explicitly converted in 3.2. Next step is to update the documentation. That is going to take a while for sure, since I want to add some graphical representations of objects and process flows, but that is a large part of why I downloaded Dia last month.

To share the current counts that I get when I run the test suite on Adjutant:

  • 2,514 lines of code.
  • 1,390 lines of comments.
  • 60 classes.
  • 208 methods.
  • 35 unbound functions.