Habit IX

by zenquaker

Otay, another day and another five minutes of Chess problems marks one week of consistently doing my habit. Tomorrow I get to bump it up to ten minutes. I’m torn between doing ten minutes of problems and splitting it between five minutes of problems and five minutes of flash cards. I’m tempted to start studying the flash cards during my waiting periods on the commute, but that seems to run counter to the Simple Method taught by the course.

It’s going well but I do have some issues with the method. Much of it is based around social interaction. There are three parts that center on that: accountability, encouragement, and support. The problem is that I have no social interaction. From the time I left work Friday to the time I hit the grocery store tonight, I didn’t talk to a single person. I don’t have any real friends and I rarely talk to my family. Mind you, I don’t have a problem with being an urban hermit. I have actually learned to enjoy it. The first one I can probably figure out, the other two are going to be tough.

Certainly too tough to think about while digesting a huge bowl of pasta.