Weird I

by zenquaker

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus at Shady Grove Metro. I keep hearing this voice singing “Figaro.” And the voice wasn’t singing part of The Marriage of Figaro, or better yet Bohemian Rhapsody. It just kept singing “Figaro” over and over again, off in the distance, in a sort of operatic tone. I thought maybe it was some guy singing for money (there are three guys who sing doo wop from time to time), but the latino guy with the flute was playing that night. (I like him. He started out selling trinkets like woven bags and handmade flutes. Then he learned to play one. I think he makes more money playing the flute.) I had just missed one bus, so I had some time to kill, and decided to wander around and find this odd, operatic voice. It took a little while, but finally when I was near the parking garage I heard it from above. Looking up I saw a guy leaning off the top landing of the exposed stairwell. Every now and then he would just sing out “Figaro” while making grand gestures.