Movie Review IV

by zenquaker

The Warrior’s Way

A samurai assassin completes his quest to kill the last member of a rival clan, only to find it is a baby. Rather than kill a baby he flees with it to the American west, holing up in a small town with a ruined carnival. But the town has enemies of it’s own, and as they close in the samurai’s clan are right behind them, looking for revenge.

The story doesn’t deviate far from the old and worn “martial artist in the wild west” path [-]. The characters are far to stereotypical for their respective genres to pull the story out of the rut it finds itself in [-]. The movie’s only redeeming quality is that some of the fight scenes rather interesting in their abstractness [+]. For example, as the samurai closes in on the baby, there is a gauntlet of enemies between him and his target. This is show profile, in silhouette. Then the samurai’s silhouette slides through the gauntlet in a flash. There is a pause. The other silhouettes fall to pieces. I thought it was nice way to bring sort of a comic book feel to the movie. Certainly better than Frank Miller’s efforts in Sin City and The Spirit. However, that was only true for some of the fight scenes. The hopping ninjas in the climactic battle were rather ludicrous [-].

Final rating: 2/10

Best Quote: I don’t remember any, and IMDB’s memorable quotes page for this movie is empty.