Movie Review V

by zenquaker


The god of thunder is cast out of Valhalla when his recklessness reignites an ancient war. As his brother Loki schemes for the throne in Valhalla, Thor must learn humility in exile on Earth.

The plot for this movie just did not work [-]. You’ve got two plot lines going: Loki vs. Thor’s friends in Valhalla and Thor and the scientists who found him vs. SHEILD on Earth. The Valhalla one is just bad, and dragged down further by the bland stereotypes of Thor’s friends: the swashbuckler, the big guy, the female warrior, and the Asian (and what is an Asian doing in Valhalla anyway?) [-]. The Earth plot line has potential, but it’s squandered with poorly done fight scenes and cliched conflicts between the free thinking scientists and the jack booted government thugs [-]. This leads to incredibly quick and simplistic resolutions for both Thor and the scientists [-]. If this was an Iron Man or Bat Man movie, you would at least have a cool hero. Unfortunately, Thor lacks any cool factor, at least in this movie. The coolest thing in this movie is a slumming Anthony Hopkins, and he can’t save it.

Final Rating: 0/10 (ouch)

Best Quote: Sniper: “Do you want me to take him down, or do you want to send in more guys for him to beat up?”