Movie Review XI

by zenquaker


Two British geeks on vacation to Comicon, leave on a road trip to visit the hot spots of USA’s UFO mythology: Area 51, the Black Mailbox, and Roswell. They are fleeing down the highway from what they think is a pair of angry rednecks, but find out after the car chasing them crashes that it is actually an alien named Paul, who has escaped from Area 51. Thus ensues a road trip/chase involving an ill mannered alien, an accidentally kidnapped Christian, her psychotic father, a man in black with two incompetent helpers, and the aforementioned angry rednecks.

My biggest problem with this film is that I didn’t laugh until the 53 minute mark [-]. This is the third Simon Pegg movie I’ve seen (not counting the latest Star Trek), and I’m liking them less and less. Normally I would think it is just the British Humor thing, but I didn’t even notice that much stuff I was supposed to laugh at. The characters were rather stereotypical, but I don’t really expect much more from a random comedy. The Christian vs. science thing was rather poorly done me thinks, but I’m not going to give a minus for that because I think I’m perhaps a bit sensitive to that issue. The story was amazingly unoriginal [-]. Escape to Witch Mountain did it much better (both of them). Being a big fan of movie quotes, I did like the way they sprinkled in tons of movie quotes from classic and not so classic sci-fi [+].

Final Rating: 3/10

Best Quote: Moses Buggs: “I’m on a mission from God!” Haggard: “Tell him you failed!” (shoots Moses)