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Month: December, 2011

Book Review I

The Hunger Games

Trapped in a small coal mining town in a repressive nation, Katniss Everdeen barely keeps her mother and younger sister Prim alive through illegal poaching. Then Prim is selected to fight in the Hunger Games, a sadistic televised death match between children designed to remind the 12 Districts that the rebellion failed and the Capitol rules completely. Katniss volunteers to take Prim’s place, knowing that one of the people she will have to kill is the baker’s son who once saved her life.

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Money III

I got my assessment in the mail yesterday. Around here, they assess a third of the county every year. Since I bought about three years ago, this is the first new assessment I’ve had since I bought the place. When I bought the place it was assessed at $195K and I paid $185K ($190K – $5K back for carpeting). The assessment I got today was $70K, not much more than my original down payment. So in the past three years my condo has lost 62% of it’s value.

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Analysis III

This is my 100th post to this blog. When I noticed this was coming (something I never would have noticed on the not-Scottish site where I used to do my blogging), I figured I would just do what everyone was expecting of me: an analytical breakdown of the first 100 posts.

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Statement IV

Principle 3: All is One (The Unity Principle)

Everything that we think of as separate objects is really one thing. The divisions that exist between different things exist only in our mind. When we can get past the mental constructs that divide our reality, we can see that it is really all one thing.

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Quote VI

Quote of the week: “My colleagues, they study artificial intelligence. Me? I study natural stupidity.” -Amos Tversky, behavioral economist

Movie Review XVI

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Autobots work with their human allies to constrain the forces of Chaos on our planet. Meanwhile, Witwicky struggles to find a job and keep his girlfriend from her rich, handsome boss. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are working on a plan that has something to do with the Apollo moon landing.

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Habit XIV

I have decided to shift things around in the master plan for habit formation. One of the key parts of the Simple Method is to adapt. If things aren’t working out, find another way to do things. Some recent events in my life have made me reconsider the priorities that informed the master plan.

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Movie Review XV

Forbidden Planet

Commander Adams and his crew come to the fourth planet in the Altair system to investigate the loss of the colony there. Amazingly they find one survivor and his young and beautiful daughter, a sore sight to men trapped in a space ship for over a year. They tell a tale of an invisible force that killed the other colonists, and demand that Commander Adams leave for the good of his crew. But Adams insists on getting fresh orders from Earth, and while the crew works on building a transmitter, the invisible force comes back.

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Mom I

I went down to Charlottesville to do celebrate Christmas with the family. I drove back up to night, after promising my Mom that I would let her know that I got home safely.

Hi Mom! I got home safely.

Charity I

I just finished my annual leafleting of my entire condo complex. My complex has 29 buildings, each with four floors and 14 or 15 units. Visiting every one of those units requires climbing the equivalent of a 116 story building and walking about a mile.

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