Movie Review XII

by zenquaker


Hanna is raised in the wilderness of Finland by her ex-CIA father. Trained by a never ending game of kill or be killed, she has become the perfect assassin. As every child does, she yearns to be an adult, and begs her father to release her for the mission she was born for. So he gives her the means to announce her presence to the CIA, who will attempt to ruthlessly hunt down and kill her and her father.

This is a kind of quirky, independent action film. There’s a few sci-fi elements, but it’s mostly grounded in the present day. There have certainly been other children-trained-to-be-assassin movies, such as La Femme Nikita, The Professional, and Kick Ass, but Hanna manages to be it’s own movie without copycatting any of the previous simulacrums [+]. The action scenes are a bit inconsistent in their quality. The chase scene where Hanna escapes the CIA I liked a lot. It uses some very odd architecture and pumping techno to turn it into a music video without losing much from the scene as a chase scene [+]. However, the fight scene with Heller (the father) in the subway is very sketchy. There’s one shot where the bad guy makes his attack too quickly and has to wait frozen for a half second until Heller gets around to blocking his attack and taking him out [-]. The settings that were used for the movie were very cool: the odd underground base, the cargo container maze (a staple, but well done), and an abandoned amusement park [+]. Even the subway station was a well chosen one. Unfortunately, someone’s penchant for spinning cinematography left me a little nauseous at points [-]. Hanna’s character seems poorly acted. However, I think that is both intentional and fitting, given the character’s background and other plot devices I will not reveal at this time. The really poor fit of Heller’s suit is similar: it looks like shoddy costuming until you realize the character hasn’t worn it in fifteen years. Finally, I have to say that I really liked Cate Blanchett as the villain, I think she did a really good job [+]. I love the scene where she slides back a wall of shoes to reveal a safe full of the standard fare of every CIA agent: several different currencies, multiple passports, the right weapon. And then she hides the safe back behind the rack of shoes and carefully selects the right pair of shoes for the mission.

Final Rating: 6/10

Best Quote: Rachel: “Hanna, what did your Mom die of?” Hanna [deadpan]: “Three bullets.”