Charity I

by zenquaker

I just finished my annual leafleting of my entire condo complex. My complex has 29 buildings, each with four floors and 14 or 15 units. Visiting every one of those units requires climbing the equivalent of a 116 story building and walking about a mile.

It’s not really as bad as it sounds. I was a bit worried this year because I’ve been having problems with my right leg. I tend to walk a lot. I like walking, and the thought of walking a couple miles doesn’t really bother me. Apparently it bothers other people. When I tried to use Metro’s trip planner to go somewhere from work, the default settings have me catch a bus to go three blocks to the Metro station, because that’s too far to walk. Last year I took a week’s vacation to New York City and spent the whole week walking around town. But then this fall I missed my bus one day, and figured I’d just walk home. It’s only two or three miles, and there’s some short cuts through the woods. I was limping by the time I got home. Really bad pain in my right hip. And this was not an isolated experience, I’ve walked home from the Metro twice since then with similar problems. The third time was not so bad, but I went a different way. But I got through today just fine.

Even if it’s not really that bad, why do it? Because the employees around here are treated so poorly. They’re the worst paid condo or apartment employees in the area, and every condo association meeting (at every one before I got sick of going to them) someone gets up and complains about how overpaid they are. Their bonuses and appreciation day got trimmed out of the budget because people around here think that if they’re bossing is screwing them over, it’s okay for them to screw over their employees.

The first year I was here I went to the office to give to the fund for employee holiday bonuses. I was told there wasn’t any fund and there were no holiday bonuses. So I printed up small leaflets asking everyone to give to the (non-existent) holiday fund for the (non-existent) holiday bonuses. And lo and behold, suddenly they existed. I was a little late this year, having been caught up in other things, but hopefully the employees with still get some decent money for the holidays. Especially the one we’ll code name Wool Sense, who is a decade or two older than I am, and does that 116 story climb with a mile walk on top every month to deliver the condo association newsletter.

It’s interesting to walk all around the complex every year. This year there were a lot of Grinchy dogs, as usual. There were a lot more violations of the condo rules than I usually see. However, I didn’t think any of them were worth giving someone a fine for a violating a stupid rule as a Christmas present, so I didn’t really keep track of them. And the railings over by the basketball court are much nicer than the ones on my building. Of course, the ones on my building are nicer than the ones on the next building over, where they are falling off, so you won’t here me complaining any time soon.