Movie Review XVI

by zenquaker

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Autobots work with their human allies to constrain the forces of Chaos on our planet. Meanwhile, Witwicky struggles to find a job and keep his girlfriend from her rich, handsome boss. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are working on a plan that has something to do with the Apollo moon landing.

I really didn’t like the last Transformers movie, and was a bit leery of watching this one, but Netflix was running low on action movies I hadn’t seen. Low expectations left me tolerably pleased. The pacing was good [+]. The start of the movie had the potential to be a bit slow, but they kept it going with a few Autobot raids, the tension about the whole moon landing thing, and (for easily distractible guys like me) beautiful women in tight dresses. I’m beginning to think that Michael Bay is a real fan of the last one. The action scenes had some of the totally ludicrous stuff that plagued the last movie [-], but they kept it to a minimum this time. The special effect, as always for the franchise, were awesome [+]. I especially liked Shockwave. They unfortunately kept the Scrappy-Doo Transformers, and the two rude, Australian transformers they added didn’t help much [-]. I liked Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime, especially given the role of the character, even though the Star Trek reference was a bit forced [+]. I like the story. I thought it flowed well without any serious logic failures [+]. The climactic battle dragged, though [-]. You think the bad guys are about to push the button, there’s a bunch of fighting to stop them, and then you realize there’s another button they have to push, and there’s a bunch more fighting, and so on.

Final Rating: 5/10

Best Quote: “I’m so sorry. That is the old me.”