Analysis III

by zenquaker

This is my 100th post to this blog. When I noticed this was coming (something I never would have noticed on the not-Scottish site where I used to do my blogging), I figured I would just do what everyone was expecting of me: an analytical breakdown of the first 100 posts.

So, the raw numbers: 100 posts, 10 categories, 90 tags (Okay, maybe I’m a little tag happy), 33 comments, and 132 spam comments (favorite recent spam comment: “Are you serious?”)

The top category for posts was Log, with 34 posts. That kind of makes sense, given that this is a bLOG. This was meant to be my web presence, and a replacement for the increasingly disturbing Facebook as a way of informing people what’s going on in my life. It’s not exactly succeeding at that, as one of my sisters recently informed me that she is too embarrassed to read my blog, because she is not providing a reciprocal amount of information. Of course, given that my Mom was too embarrassed to read my Facebook posts, this all probably evens out. The next two categories don’t even match Log when combined: Reviews (15 posts) and Habits (14 posts). The reviews have all been movie reviews to this point, but I just finished a new book for the first time in months, and I’m working on two more.

Then we have the 90 tags. There can be multiple tags per post, unlike categories. The average tags per post is 2.29, however the median and the mode are 1. That shows there is a bit of skew in the distribution. Rather than blame the top 3 tags (movies with 17 posts, and work and chess with 14 posts each), I blame the 58 tags that are only used once each. I should probably go through them and clean some of them out. I think I will wait for the 200th post however. Two or three posts is not enough to differentiate good tags from bad, and if I make the inclusion criteria higher than three I don’t have enough tags to form a broad base for the range of stuff I’m posting. While it may seem that work is important to me, keep in mind the rest of my life is chopped up into movies, chess, zen (tag #5 with 7 posts), and other things. Work is only 14% of the blog, which is not bad considering it’s 35% of my conscious life.

I only have 33 comments in 100 posts, so I’m not getting a lot of feedback. I’m not that worried about it. Very few people are following this blog, and half of them are only doing it in the hopes that I’ll follow theirs. I’m not into that mutual back scratching stuff, I’m into quality. If I think your blog is a quality blog, I’ll follow it. I have two thoughts for people who don’t think this is a quality blog. First, I’m not surprised. I’m aiming at a really narrow niche here, and quality can be subjective. Second, I am happy if you don’t follow it. I’m an urban hermit, I’m not looking for followers.

With 132 spam comments (one of the 33 above was spam, but I liked it enough to accept it), that means I have an 80% spam rate. That may sound bad, but if this was my email or snail mail that would be an improvement.