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Month: January, 2012

Movie Review XXII

Billy Jack

Half-Indian Vietnam war veteran Billy Jack hides out on the Indian reservation, stopping poachers from killing wild horses for dog meat, and defending the students of the hippy-dippy school on the res from the prejudices of conservative White Midwesterners. Things start to escalate as the daughter of a local sheriff’s deputy flees to the school to evade her father’s beatings, exacerbated by a violent encounter between Billy Jack and some locals harassing students. But all Billy Jack knows is escalation, so how are things going to end?

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Movie Review XXI

Captain Blood

An Irish doctor by the name of Blood is arrested for treason when he treats a wounded revolutionary. His death sentence is commuted so he can be sold into slavery and shipped to the Caribbean. There he escapes and starts a life of piracy on the high seas.

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Study II

Okay, that was annoying. I typed in the title for this post and then for some reason WordPress published it before I could type in any content.

Anyway, I just completed a blind fold knight’s tour!

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Statement IX

Up until now I have been dealing with the existence and nature of God. In some ways, it’s not really important what God is like. When I was first searching for God, I came up with this whole mythology out of whole cloth. It wasn’t a mythology that fit the facts, it was a mythology that fit what I wanted to believe in. It wasn’t long before I realized how empty and hollow that mythology was, and the whole experience left me with a distrust of metaphysics. I used to say (and still do) that you don’t do the right thing because people will like us for it, and you don’t do  the right thing because some old guy will let you live in his garden forever, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

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Movie Review XX

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack Sparrow (excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow) is pressed into seeking the fountain of youth with his old adversary Barbossa. Alas and alack, they soon find they are not the only ones on the tail of Ponce de Leon’s folly. Not only do they have to contend with a Spanish fleet, but Blackbeard and his bewitched ship are headed for the fountain as well.

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Fumble II

This morning I mistakenly put my underwear on backwards. The day wasn’t getting any better after that, but I managed to pull it out at the end of the day. I got probably my best ever performance at Chess tactics (23 out of 23 correct), and while I didn’t do so well at visualization, I did manage to play a live game and win it (even if I did mistakenly make it a blitz game).

Habit XV

I have come to a difficult spot in my journey of habit formation. It’s not that I am having (unexpected) trouble with forming a particular habit, it’s more that there is an odd confluence of causes and effects surround the whole plan, and I am not sure how to navigate through them. It started, as I prefer, with stabbing pains in the back. What can I say, I have dark fantasies and most of them involve being stabbed in the back.

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Statement VIII

Corollary 4-1: There is a Personal Connection to God (The Inner Light Corollary)

By the Pervasive Principle (P4), God is All. Therefore, we are a part of God. We have a personal, direct connection to God. The Quakers call this “that of God within us” or (my preference) “the inner light.” We do not need someone else to mediate between us and God.

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Movie Review XIX


There are over 300 registered superheroes in America. Seriously. People who dress up in costumes and go out and fight crime.

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Movie Review XVIII

Reel Injun

A documentary of Native Americans in film, especially Hollywood film, tracing the effect of their cinematic depiction on the perception of their people by broader American culture.

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