Waste II

by zenquaker

I took advantage of the lovely predicted 60 degree weather today to ride my bicycle to the grocery store. Of course, the weather was more semi-lovely and 52 degrees, but nothing a third shirt couldn’t handle. While I was there a lady was all bent out of shape because they wanted her to pay 5 cents for each grocery bag.

Well, duh. There have been signs in all the check out lines for months, warning shoppers that on January 1st 2012 the world would end, and Montgomery County would start charging a 5 cent tax per plastic bag. That is, warning all the shoppers that were so clueless as to local politics that they didn’t notice this going through the Montgomery County Council, as it went through the DC Council two years ago.

I mean, I saw the signs. If it’s reasonable for anyone to be clueless about the signs it’s me, because I’ve been using reusable bags for 10 years. I’ve still one of the original green reusable bags I got at the Kroger at the corner of Rio and Emmet in Charlottesville. That backs kicks butt! Most of the ones I’ve bought since (especially the Safeway ones) have holes wearing through the bottoms, but that old green bag. I sometimes get older Giant employees who are astounded by the bag because they haven’t seen one in years. And looking around at all the people with their new reusable bags made me glad I have it. Those new green and pink ones are hideous.

So I had a little chuckle at the lady who can’t handle the concept of a bag tax before heading outside and seeing that the storm clouds had made it dark enough for me to be riding home in twilight. So much for planning ahead and leaving two and a half hours before sunset. Note to self: always bring the bike lights when I go for a ride.