Book Review IV

by zenquaker

The Mockingjay

By Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen has survived two Hunger Games, and has been rescued by the leaders of the new rebellion against the Capitol which mandates them. She finds herself the image of the new rebellion, but chafes at the restrictions placed on her. Slowly she begins to realize that the rebellion is just another Hunger Game, and she is still a pawn being played by others. What happens when she tries to play herself?

This book is where the series comes together, not just in terms of the plot. The characters become more fleshed out, and while some of the side characters are still a bit flat, the people at the focus of the story feel real [+]. There is still a bit of over the top sci-fi, especially in the defenses of the Capitol. However, it is toned down from the previous books, especially the “tick tock it’s a clock” of the second book. The story can be a bit slow, with the bits of Katniss moping around, but it does get going and keep going. It does a good job of showing the effect she has, not just on the rebellion, but on the rebels themselves [+]. The greys in the world come to light much better in this book, when it could have easily turned more black and white. I thought the ending was beautiful [+]. It was just such a sweet little bit of tactics. Perhaps I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t, so I’ll give Mrs. Collins the props for that. I’m also going to give this book a point of oomph, both for keeping my reading and interested, and for avoiding the trilogy effect.

Final Rating: 8/10

Best Quote: I’m sick of people lying to me for my own good. Because really it’s mostly for their own good.