Movie Review XIX

by zenquaker


There are over 300 registered superheroes in America. Seriously. People who dress up in costumes and go out and fight crime.

The content is interesting [+], but other than that the movie doesn’t really have much to say for itself. The presentation is rather disjointed, although it does come together at the end.

So, on to the content. There is a wide range of individuals showcased in the movie. The most serious ones were the New York Initiative, four people who moved to Brooklyn to train and work together. They have a gym set up in their apartment and they spar with each other. They go out on bait raids, where one person is bait, another keeps them under observation, and two others are within a block and ready to move in as backup. Then there is Mr. Xtreme, who comes off as rather pathetic. He’s a white belt in some martial art. Yeah, I’m a white belt in Akido. That means I went to three classes. At the end of the movie, Mr. Xtreme is living out of a van. Then there’s the weird guy I forget the name of, who really believes he has super powers granted to him by Jesus. While he’s out patrolling he makes sure to stop every now and then for a beer.  Then there’s the fat ones: an overweight guy who confessed he was a superhero to his overweight girl friend. When she couldn’t convince him to stop she insisted on joining him (she has the best superhero name: Apocalypse Meow). They teamed up with another guy who seems to use the seems to use the superhero gig to show of his muscle car (which I have to admit, is really cool).

Laugh at them if you will, but in the end they are out there doing something to try and help people. The New York Initiative doesn’t catch any bad guys in the film, but they do get a (really) drunk driver off the road and help out a wounded guy. Mr. Xtreme gets a ton of info out about sexual assaults in his community. The overweight ones make a bunch of overnight packs of essentials and distribute them to the homeless in the area. It reminds me of Minor Threat’s “You tell me I make no difference/At least I’m fuckin’ trying.”

Final Rating: 5/10

Best Quote: “Going out and enticing people to mug you sounds like entrapment to me.” – some idiot NYPD officer. What’s next? Short skirts are enticing people to rape you?