Study II

by zenquaker

Okay, that was annoying. I typed in the title for this post and then for some reason WordPress published it before I could type in any content.

Anyway, I just completed a blind fold knight’s tour!

For those of you who don’t know, a knight’s tour is where you take a knight and move it to every square on a Chess board without ever landing on the same square twice. I’m not sure how useful it is as a study tool. The idea seems to be that it helps you learn how to maneuver the knight. The knight can be a little tricky to understand how it moves, but having that understanding can be a useful tool.

Blind fold means that I did it without looking at a Chess board, much less a knight. I wrote a program to work on visualization skills in Chess. It can ask questions like is this square light or dark? Are these two square on the same diagonal? Are these two squares the same color? I programmed it to do the knight’s tour as well: you just keep typing in the names of squares (in algebraic notation), and if you type in a series of squares that constitutes a knight’s tour, you succeed. I’ve been trying for a week to do it, and tonight I succeeded.

One thing this has driven home is why the knight likes the center of the board. You constantly have to be thinking about being in the center of the board in order to make it through the tour.

I will write a post later detailing the method I used. I got it from some other website, but I always have trouble finding that site again. I just need to modify the program I’ve been using to make Chess diagrams that I can post on the blog.