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Month: February, 2012

Statement XVI

Derivative 11: Letting Go of Desire Relieves Suffering (The Detachment Derivative)

So if we cannot avoid desire (P7, The Desire Principle), and desire causes us suffering (P6, The Cause Principle), how do we put an end to our suffering? Obviously, you have to do something with the desire once you have it. You have to let go of it.

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Statement XV

Principle 7: We Cannot Get Rid of Desire (The Obsession Principle)

Desire is the cause of suffering, so it would seem logical that to end our suffering we should get rid of our desire. But we can’t do that. Desire is integral to who we are. It is so integral to who we are that we wouldn’t even want to get rid of it even if we could.

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Movie Review XXXII


Jenny Hayden drinks herself to sleep to deal with the pain of her lost husband. While she lies in a stupor, an alien ship hounded by the air force crashes across the lake from her house. The alien pilot comes to Karen Allen’s house, finds some of her husband’s hair kept as a memento, grows a clone of him to inhabit, and forces her to drive him to a rendezvous in Arizona.

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Amalgamation III

Now that I am working on the blog during my commute, the speed of posting has sped up. The first month of this blog I posted about two posts a day. That was probably just pent up verbiage, and after that it evened out to about two posts every three days. Since I have started writing up blog posts on the train, that ratio has flipped. Now I’m posting about three posts every two days. That brings to mind the question of what my readers (current or potential) want.

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Fumble IV

Thursday I left my netbook at work, so I couldn’t post what I wrote then. Today I got the netbook back, but I can’t find my flash drive to transfer what I wrote Thursday and today over to post it. I’ll post it all tomorrow if I have to reconnect my ethernet cable to the netbook.


Excellent II

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now the answer to life, the universe, and everything. To celebrate, I went to Baltimore and visited the National Pinball Museum.

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Food III

Today I sent the following object and the following letter to the Martin’s Potato Chip Company.

Unidentified Brown Object

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Dream V

I’m in Georgetown, but it is more like the tourist area of some small New England town. There are small, square houses made of red brick and converted into restaurants and book stores. I’m looking for my mother and my step father, we had gotten separated after meeting for dinner. I look behind me and I see a woman. She is like a combination of all the beautiful young women who you would lust after if they weren’t related to you or so much younger than you. Her face keeps shifting between women I know and women I don’t know. She smiles at me and I want to go to her, but I know it is pointless and I need to find my mother and step father.

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Explanation IV

I don’t participate in Diversity Day at work. I had actually had the head of the Equal Employment Opportunity office at work come to my cube and discuss this with me.

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Movie Review XXXI


This is one of those movies without dialog, just a series of images contrasting nature, primitive life, religious ceremonies, and modern life. There actually is some dialog, it’s just that none of it is in English.

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