Movie Review XXV

by zenquaker

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Tom Popper, on the verge of partnership in a prestigious property firm, is presented with a peck of penguins as a paternal inheritance. Primarily he tries to produce a paucity of penguins, but eventually he prefers keeping his peculiar presents.  His professional performance starts to pale, but his penguins persuade his progeny that Popper is perhaps not so perverse and pathetic. Can Popper prevent penguin poaching by a pesky zoo proprietor? Will his plunging perception of property piracy poison his partnership possibilities? Or are the poignant perks of other partnerships preferable? (Thanks to Pippi for help with the summary)

This is a Jim Carrey movie, and some people just hate Jim Carrey. Such people will obviously hate this movie, and would be better served with therapy to try and figure out what childhood issues are causing their problem with Mr. Carrey is. The story (evil business man fails at work and family, reconnects with family, finds decency, succeeds at business) has been done many times before, and I don’t feel bad giving it away because you can see it coming a mile away [-]. However, they manage not to fall into the cliche, and despite some flubs with side issues they somehow breathe some life into the same old story [+]. The humor was good, basic kid humor [+]: slapstick, farts, that sort of thing. The Pippi gag could have been tedious, but it works rather well, especially when it is turned back on her a couple of times [+]. And while the climactic scene with the business men I could give or take, I thought the zoo keeper getting his comeuppance was nicely done [+]

Final Rating: 7/10

Best Quote: No penguins were harmed in the making of this film. Jim Carrey, on the other hand, was mercilessly bitten. But he had it coming.