Movie Review XXVI

by zenquaker

The Perfect Host

John Taylor is not having the best day of his life. Wounded after a bank robbery, he gets mugged and loses his wallet. Unable to convince an old woman he’s a Jehovah’s Witness, he rifles through some mail and manages to con his way into Warwick Wilson’s dinner party. As it turns out, he picked the wrong dinner party to con his way into.

I was dubious of this movie at first, because the trailer gives away the plot twist. I used to be a huge Law & Order fan. At one point NBC, in their infinite stupidity, started giving away the plot twist to every episode in the ads that ran before the episode. It drove me nuts. What’s the point in having a plot twist if it isn’t a surprise? But I rented it anyway, mostly because I’ve run out of movies to watch at Netflix and have found myself scrounging for something that might be good.

After seeing the movie I have decided that it is a very hard movie to review. After due consideration, I have decided to review it like this: You go into the movie thinking you know the plot twist. You are soooo wrong [+]. Then you figure they were just trying to fake you out with the plot twist, and now you understand what the plot twist is. Until the next plot twist hits. And the next. And you are led on an insane roller coaster ride [+]. The beauty of it is that it all works together. It is the most intricately crafted plot I’ve seen in years [+]. The characters are good [+], except for the ones who aren’t supposed to be. David Hyde Pierce’s performance is a bit spotty [-]. It worked well in the beginning, but later on he tries to do this multiple personality thing that doesn’t quite work out. On the other hand, Clayne Crawford does an excellent job. I thought it had problems at first, but at the end you realize he is subtly playing things his character knows that you don’t [+]. And finally, I give it one point of oomph for almost (but not quite) completely blowing my mind.

Final Rating: 9/10

Best Quote: “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.” -Taylor