Movie Review XXVII

by zenquaker

Cowboys and Aliens

Jake Lonergan wakes up in the desert not even knowing he is Jake Lonergan, with an odd, clunky bracelet attached to his arm and a wound in his gut. He is beset upon by unsavory types, and after relieving them of their lives and possessions he wanders into a one-horse town run by a former Indian fighter cum cattle rancher. Lonergan, the rancher, and the sheriff are all about to mix it up over the rancher’s son when the aliens attack and abduct half the town. The fugitive and the rancher must but aside their differences, and others besides, to get back the abducted townsfolk.

This is a dangerous sort of movie to undertake, and it didn’t turn out that good. The characters are all written well, I’ve got to give it that [+]. The actors bring them alive and get them interacting quite well. The special effects are also good [+]. I thought the alien ships were very well done, and I only noticed a couple points where the CGI didn’t work very well. The story, on the other hand, might as well have been dropped out the rear of one of the horse they were riding [-]. Longergan’s amnesia really just seems like an excuse not to explain anything at the beginning. From there it just stumbles through a variety of scenes that could have been pulled from any number of westerns, occasionally throwing in aliens to mix things up a little. And the aliens seem to work at first, but once their motivations are explained they just seem stupid.

Final Rating: 5/10

Best Quote: “God don’t care who you were son, only who you are.” -Meacham

As a side note, that finally clears out the queue of movie reviews I was behind on. The pace of the reviews will slow down, but that will give me more time for posts about God and Chess.