Food II

by zenquaker

Last night I took advantage of the Super Bowl to go grocery shopping. See, I didn’t have a TV for years and still don’t have cable, so it’s not like I can watch the game at home. Not that I’m really that interested in the game in the first place. I used to make a habit of going out for dinner the night of the Super Bowl. Everyone is watching the game so you have the restaurant to yourself. Unfortunately, these days every restaurant has a TV. Even if you do have the restaurant all to yourself, the wait staff are all watching the game so the service stinks.

So I went to the grocery store. It was nice and empty, but I was expecting them to be out of various foodstuffs such as soda and chips. And beer, but I don’t drink so I wasn’t worried about that. Surprisingly I had no problem getting chips and soda. I even got the exact brand and size of potato chips I like, which is hard enough on a normal night. What I couldn’t get was the ground turkey I usually get.

Ever since I switched from white meat to red meat I’ve been eating a fair bit of ground turkey. The two choices at the grocery store are Saybrook Farms and Perdue. I’ve been avoiding Perdue because I hear something bad about chicken farming the word “Perdue” is in there somewhere. I should probably do some research on the topic, but that would deny my dear readers of yet another semi-lucid blog post.

So I got the Perdue. Now the Saybrook Farms packages are 2.3 lbs., a number I have always wondered about. The Perdue packets were 1 lb. each. Given that I had decided to try Hamburger Helper with ground turkey, I got two one pound packs to go with two Hamburger Helper boxes. Unfortunately, when I got around to trying to make the Hamburger Helper tonight I realized it required milk. I don’t have any milk around the house, mainly because I developed a mild lactose intolerance in the past few years. So much for the Hamburger Helper.

This is not the end of the world, even were I overly dramatic. I have the fixings for pasta sauce, so I just go with that. Even though I have only 2 lbs. instead of 2.3, I figure that won’t make much difference in the sauce.

You’re wondering what the point of this story is.

The point is that as I start browning the turkey it seems like an awful lot of turkey. It fills my new, huge frying pan I got for Christmas (thanks, Mom). It feels heavier when I pick up the pan. How does 2 lbs. take up more space in a frying pan than 2.3 lbs.? I end up using only have the ground turkey in the sauce, and if anything it is even more filling than usual.

What the hell is going on here? Is Giant no longer carrying Saybrook Farms because they realize Saybrook was stiffing all their customers? Or is something really really wrong at Perdue?