Dream IV

by zenquaker

I was wandering around the office trying to find my cubicle. I kept going through the wrong door and barging in on people who were trying to have meetings. Eventually I ran into (codename) Bent Test, who was sitting at a receptionist’s desk with some other people. That’s when I realized I was on the 7th floor and needed to get to the 6th. “You can’t open any of the doors,” he said conspiratorially. “It’s a lock down. She came down here,” he said, referring to the chairman. I told him I was confused, because I had been getting through the electronic locks with my ID.

I went looking for the bathroom. When I got to the door I found (codename) Brown Pot’s dog lying in front of it. The dog is a big black St. Bernard. Brown Pot kept bringing it in and letting it roam around the office. I was a little nervous of it at first, but it got up and walked down the hall to Health Sciences. As it got near the end of the hall I realized it was as tall as me at the shoulder. Then it got up on its hind legs and started pawing open the ceiling tiles.

I turned around and went looking for a stairwell so I could get down to the 6th floor. Everywhere I looked there were elevators, but I couldn’t find any stairs. I saw doors that looked like they might lead to stairways, but none of them were clearly marked, and I didn’t want to open the wrong door again.

Finally I wandered into the library and found a broad open stairway leading down. I went down it, but when I got to the landing where the stairs turned right I had to duck down, because the clearance was only about four feet. When I got down to the sixth floor I thought about the secret passages, and wondered if I could find them again since they moved everyone around. Then I remembered that the secret passages were only in my dreams.

I wandered through the art department, which was in the basement of Tandem High School. They had really refurnished it nicely, in deep browns with low cubicles. Over one of the cubicle walls I saw some people talking. One was this girl with bleached blond hair that had a spot dyed green. I thought about how nice it would be to work here, where people weren’t so conservative.

That’s the last thing I remember.

We don’t have a library at work. I think that scene came from the local Border’s, which shut down years ago.