Movie Review XVIII

by zenquaker

The Sentinel

Veteran Secret Service Agent Pete Garrison is playing fast and loose with the rules. He knows it could get him in trouble, but he doesn’t realize what kind until he gets framed for being a mole within the service. Now he is on the run, trying to find the real mole, while a hotshot investigator with a personal grudge to settle is on his tail.

I’m beginning to think that one of the reasons I liked The Perfect Host so much is that it just wasn’t a plot I was familiar with. I’ve always heard that Hollywood wasn’t original, but I didn’t really understand it viscerally until I started writing reviews for all the movies I watch.

While the basic story is tried and true, there are problems with the implementation of it in this movie. The main one is that the motive of the bad guys is just clear [-]. On the other hand the pacing is good [+]. Some other movies would have dragged the set up out, but this one does a good job of interleaving the set up with the action scenes. The fight scenes are generally well handled [+] with nice tactical bits, but they lack variety (they’re all shoot outs) and the final one (the most important one) both strains credulity and isn’t very clear [-]. The characters are well written and well played, with Eva Longoria holding her own next to more experienced hands Keifer Sutherland and Martin Sheen [+].

Final Rating: 5/10

Best Quote: Polygrapher Medina: “Have you received adequate training for your profession?” Agent Davies: “No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

I’m thinking I may start giving a point to movies that have a quote that jumps out at me. When you have to hunt one down and it’s just a throwaway joke, it just doesn’t cut it.