Web I

by zenquaker

If you are following my series of statement posts about what I believe in, I just put together an index of all of the statements, with links to the posts the statements are detailed in. You can get it here, or you can click on the “STATEMENTS” link at the top of the page.

I mainly did this for myself. For one thing, I don’t think that many people are reading this stuff. I am getting evidence that real people are reading my blog, and that’s nice. But given the number of spam comments I am getting, I have to assume that real people account for the minority of the hits to this blog. I did it because I try to link back to supporting statements when talking about a new statement, so I need a list of the links handy.

It was far harder than it needed to be. I went to the trouble of making links directly to the statements within the posts, not just to the general posts themselves. But then I couldn’t link to them because of the way WordPress links to pages, the details of which I still haven’t figured out. See, I have several side projects going on besides working on my Chess game, including this blog, generating ideas for the novels I will write when I retire, programming Chess, and teaching myself web development.

I think I’m stagnating in my programming hobby. I’ve been programming in Python for nine years now, and I think it’s time to move on a little, or at least broaden my horizons. So I’ve been going through an online tutorial on web development, and I’ve learned basic HTML and CSS. Once I’ve got the kinks worked out of the three column format I plan to move on to JavaScript and PHP. All of this I’ve dabbled with in the past, but I’m trying to develop a more solid understanding of things. Since this blog is a web page (if not one I completely understand), I will be experimenting with what I find here. Some of you may have already noticed the Easter eggs. I apologize if those are messing with people using assistive technologies.

Unfortunately, WordPress makes this harder than usual. Not only is there the link issue mentioned above, but it likes to overwrite any HTML you add to the page. You have two views when making a post: Visual and HTML. If you mess with the visual view after adding HTML, it will overwrite the HTML and erase anything you added. I lost some Easter eggs figuring that out. Oh, well. Plenty of time for more.