Movie Review XXXI

by zenquaker


This is one of those movies without dialog, just a series of images contrasting nature, primitive life, religious ceremonies, and modern life. There actually is some dialog, it’s just that none of it is in English.

The imagery for this movie was beautiful [+]. It really had to be, since the imagery was the whole point of the movie. However, the images often didn’t fit together coherently [-]. You would shift from the Grand Canyon to Ayer’s Rock. Sure, they are both amazing natural features, but what’s the point? When they did fit together coherently, it wasn’t done very well [-]. It was either obviously staged or incredibly blunt. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but this movie often uses twenty minutes of pictures to say a dozen words.

After reading the Conundrum, I really have to wonder about this movie as a piece of environmental activism. What was the carbon footprint of flying a dozen people and all that filming equipment to over seventy different locations all around the globe?

Final Rating: 3/10