Amalgamation III

by zenquaker

Now that I am working on the blog during my commute, the speed of posting has sped up. The first month of this blog I posted about two posts a day. That was probably just pent up verbiage, and after that it evened out to about two posts every three days. Since I have started writing up blog posts on the train, that ratio has flipped. Now I’m posting about three posts every two days. That brings to mind the question of what my readers (current or potential) want.

Traditional blogging theory says that your blog should have a clear focus, and that while you want to post frequently, posting too much will burn out your readers. Clearly I am breaking the maxim about a clear focus. I’m blogging movie reviews, political rants, self help stories, semi-rational theology, chess, programming, and work frustrations. But that is how I am.

I used to car pool on the way home some days, and the woman I rode with said “Your mind just goes a mile a minute, doesn’t it?” I replied, “Yeah, it drives me nuts.”  I just wanted it to calm down and let me catch up. That was part of what got me into Zen meditation. But Zen didn’t slow down my mind. Instead it allowed me to accept my mind for what it is: running away screaming. These days I can just hang on and enjoy the ride, and look back occasionally to see what my mind is running from.

So I could split this blog into several different blogs, each of which got two or three posts a week. I could even cross reference them for people who are interested in the bigger picture of my mind running away screaming. I was going to say that I’m writing this blog for me, so I wanted to keep it together, but from my perspective it doesn’t matter where the posts are going as long as they’re coming out. I’m not sure how many consistent readers I have, but if I have any, they’re all welcome to state their preference and I will take it into account.