Movie Review XXXII

by zenquaker


Jenny Hayden drinks herself to sleep to deal with the pain of her lost husband. While she lies in a stupor, an alien ship hounded by the air force crashes across the lake from her house. The alien pilot comes to Karen Allen’s house, finds some of her husband’s hair kept as a memento, grows a clone of him to inhabit, and forces her to drive him to a rendezvous in Arizona.

The story for this one doesn’t bear up under close examination [-]. They can navigate across the universe but can only land in one place in Arizona? The whole deadline is so obviously rigged to allow for a tearful good bye. On the other hand, the special effects are pretty good for the times [+]. I think what makes them work is that they don’t try to go beyond what they can do. Most of the characters were poorly done, and I’m not sold on Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of an alien in a strange body [-]. It seemed more forced than clumsy. I thought Karen Allen did a good job playing the shell shocked kidnap victim with a heart [+]. Of course, I could be biased. I’ve had a crush on Karen Allen ever since I saw her in that white dress in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Final Rating: 4/10

Best Quote: “Define ‘shit.'” -Starman