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Month: March, 2012

Statement DSOOO

Principle 9: Help Those Who Need to Relieve Suffering (The Need Principle)

By the Good Works Corollary (C3-4) we know that relieving other people’s suffering will help relieve our own. However, as detailed in the Cause Principle (P6), desire is the cause of suffering and fulfilling desire creates more desire. So how do we relieve suffering if the way to do it causes more suffering?

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Application OO

The other day I read a discussion about Blackboard buying out two different companies. I’ve never dealt with Blackboard, but they are apparently a software company making programs for tracking students in educational institutions: entering grades for different courses and that sort of thing. What struck me was one of the comments by a user. The system was apparently a horrible pain in the butt. But two professors at the university were able to make an alternate system that performed all of the functions of the Blackboard system and was easier to use. Deja vu.

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Application O

One of the Chess websites I play on just changed their site design. This spawned so many threads about how bad the new design was and how people wanted the old design back that 8 out of the 10 latest posts were on that topic. But the lie is that they just changed their site. They’ve had the new version of the site in beta for months. There have been links on the old site for the beta version begging you to check it out and give feedback. But now that it’s up everyone is freaking out about it. Why wasn’t I consulted, Why wasn’t I informed? You were, and you blew it off.

This is a pattern I’ve seen before.

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Movie Review DDDOOOO

Death Becomes Her

Madeline, a vain and spiteful actress steals yet another boyfriend from Helen (the plain and aspiring writer), sending her into decline as a fat cat lady. But she recovers and a becomes beautiful and successful, sending fear into the aging actress when they meet again. The actress goes to a mysterious address given to her by a spa owner and is given the chance for eternal youth, while the writer steals back her husband and plots to kill her. But eternal youth and death interact in strange ways…

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Haiku OS

Haiku of the Week

Laying on my lap,
snoring cutely, twitching paws.
Does he dream of thorns?

Data OOO

I am now one week in to my new exercise habit. As usual, I am starting out small with streching, pushups and crunches. Now that it’s been one week I will ramp it up and add bicycling afterwards. But more importantly, I am also one week into my Quantified Self habit of collecting data on myself.

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Omen OOO

Omen of the Week

The end of the world seems to be taking it easy this week. I was having trouble figuring out what this week’s Sign of the Coming Apocalypse was going to be. Then it hit me: Newt Gingrich. This guy is still in the race to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States. A guy who called Spanish “the language of the ghetto,” wants to repeal child labor laws to toughen up those slacker poor kids, and is afraid that the U.S. will become “a secular atheist country dominated by radical Islamists.” The fact that a man who thinks Islam and atheism are the same thing is still a contender for the highest post in the land is surely the latest sign of the coming apocalypse.

Either that or it was me accidentally spewing orange Gatorade all over my cat and my laptop this morning.

Spam OS

Spam of the Week

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. Alfred A. Montapert

I like this one. It’s not “I noticed your page count is low on Google,” or some broken English praise in the vaguest of terms. It’s just a nice little quote. Okay, it’s a quote from an obscure 1970s self help writer that some bot probably pulled from one of the far too numerous quote sites on the internet. Still, it shows some effort.

As always, the Spam of the Week actually gets posted in the comments. Spam under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Micro OO

I’ve been thinking seriously about reactivating one of my twitter accounts or getting a new one. I keep having these short little bits that I want to share, but that don’t seem to be worth a blog post. They would fit right in on twitter, but it seems to me that an actual blog post requires more weight.

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Micro O

I’ll explain later.

I saw an ad riding home on the metro that the DC Rider app had an Android version. So I tried downloading it. I couldn’t get a connection. Oh, the irony is delicious.