Stuff OO

by zenquaker

The balls fox plays with

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that their favorite toys are often the really cheap ones, like a cardboard box or a crumpled up piece of paper. As evidence of this are the above pictured foam soccer balls, Fox’s favorite toys. They’re a buck or two for a tube of four. They’re great because they roll well on a carpet, unlike the plastic bell filled balls you usually get. Additionally, he can bite into them and pick them up. Fox will actually play fetch with me, bring back balls that I throw so I can throw them again. Why then, might you ask, have I not spared a buck or two to get him some fresh balls that aren’t so ratty?

I can’t.

I used to get the balls at Giant, but they stopped carrying them. I think they may have changed pet supply distributors, because they are stocking the cat litter I used to drive 15 miles north to get at a Pet Smart. Unfortunately, the Pet Smart doesn’t have them either, and neither does the Safeway near my cube farm. I’ve tried the balls they are stocking, but he’s not into them and I really can’t blame him. They’re not even as fun to throw. But it was getting desperate. I was down to one blue ball this week.

So today (on the theory that Fox is not eating them), I got a flashlight and looked under and behind everything in my condo that could be concealing a foam soccer ball. One was just in the den I close up in the winter. Three more were under the sofa bed, well known in any household to be the consumer of all missing small objects. So now Fox has five balls, if not in the best shape.

So let me know if you see anywhere stocking these things. Besides Amazon, which wants $3.50 plus shipping for them. Maybe my memory is deceiving me, but I don’t remember Giant charging the $8 Amazon claims is the retail price.