Movie Review DDSOOO

by zenquaker

Mars Attacks!

Martians take flight and head to earth. Convinced by a scholarly professor that their intentions are peaceful, the president arranges a meeting. Unfortunately, cultural differences and violence ensue.

Oh, man, is this movie bad. It’s the sort of movie I would love to rip apart with viciously crafted verbal skewers, but I’m trying to abstain from harsh words. We’ll see if I succeed.

To start with, there’s no story. I guess I can’t give it a plus or minus on that, since it is an undefined quantity. After thirty or forty minutes of introduction, the movie just lurches from one excuse for martians to shoot things to another [-]. Which makes you wonder why we needed thirty or forty minutes of introduction. The characters are horrible, and Annette Bening is the only one whose acting isn’t as bad as the character she’s playing [-]. Given some of the high quality actors in the movie you have to wonder how so many of them do such a poor job. It is a comedy, and you don’t necessarily need a quality story line to get jokes across, but I missed the part where the jokes were gotten across [-]. I never laughed through the whole movie. I guess I was too busy sitting there wondering why I was continuing to watch the darn thing. I think someone just needs to make Tim Burton understand that you can’t force camp, and this is a classic example of why.

Final Rating: 1/10 (I would have given it a 0, but at least they killed off Jack Black’s character quickly)

Best Quote: “I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working, and that ain’t bad” -President Dale