Movie Review DDSOOOO

by zenquaker


Adam finds out that his lower back pain is in fact a rare cancerous tumor on his spine. His life is thrown for a curve as he tries to deal with it, with the help and hindrance of a smothering mother, a distant girlfriend, a self-centered best friend, an aloof doctor, and a newly minted therapist.

I have to admit that I have a unique perspective on this one. I myself was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have ever rented this movie. On the other hand, one of the special features includes interviews with the crew for the movie, and every single one of them knew someone who had cancer. So perhaps my perspective is not that unique at all, and each of us will identify with a different character in the movie.

It’s a romantic comedy about cancer. The comedy part I don’t have a problem with. I certainly cracked a few here and there about my own cancer, and I think this movie manages to be irreverent without being offensive [+]. The romance part I didn’t buy so much. My hospital didn’t have therapists for the cancer patients, and in my experience using a bald head to pick up women just doesn’t work. Maybe this is just me being bitter, so I’ll let it pass. However, the rest of it, while pretty much none of it ever happened to me, all felt like it could have happened to me. It felt like a reasonably honest view of having cancer [+]. The writing was very good, and on top of the aforementioned good humor and realism, it was very quotable [+]. I am ambivalent about Seth Rogen in this movie. On the one hand, he’s playing the same character from Green Hornet, which didn’t impress me there either. On the other hand I think he contributed in other ways to the parts of the film I liked.

Final Rating: 7/10

Best Quote: “Are there chanels he can’t watch?” -Katherine