by zenquaker

I got my letter back from Martin’s Potato Chips, Inc. today. As promised, here is the full response (after the photie of the contents, including real cashy money).

Four one dollar bills and two coupons

Dear Mr. O’Brien,

As President and Chief Executive Officer, I am responding to you recent complaint in which you found a clump in your bag of Martin’s Kettle Cook’d potato chips. Please accept my apology. Your comments were immediately reported to our Quality Control Supervisor. The coded information you gave us will help trace our procedure to determine where we need to direct special attention.

What you found is a result of potato starch and oil excesses that formed during the frying process. Unfortunately, it was not removed by our conveying and inspection systems. Our manufacturing and quality control procedures are designed to eliminate the possibility of anything other than our best potatoes finding its way into one of our packages before it leaves our factory.

We at Martin’s recognize that our most valuable asset is the trust our customers place in our products, and we will do everything in our power to continue to deserve that trust.

Please find enclosed a refund and some coupons to show our appreciation to you for your consideration.

I apologize again for this and hope you will continue to purchase Martin’s products. We value your business and will continue making top quality potato chips. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.


Kenneth A. Potter, Jr.

Smells like a form letter to me, but the signature on the letter looked real. I don’t eat the Kettle Cook’d potato chips, for one thing. And what coded information were they talking about? Did I miss a code capsule in the unidentified brown object? Alas and alack, we shall never know.

In the end they lose points for no sense of humor, but gain points for decent customer service and real cashy money. And WordPress loses points for yet again logging me out in the middle of making a post.