Bicycle OOO

by zenquaker

So today, like every other week day, I run down to the bus stop. You have to run to make sure you catch the bus. I’ve seen them go by the stop as much as six minutes early. My suspicion is that the drivers get to take a break if they get to the metro station early. I didn’t run too hard today, but I got at the stop just as the bus was coming up to the previous stop. Yes, you can see one bus stop from the next. It’s apparently a state law that you have to have a bus stop every block. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is what I saw while I was on the bus.

There’s a back way the bus takes from my neighborhood hood to Shady Grove Road, where the Metro station is. It goes down Railroad and Oakmont. I only learned about it from taking the bus, but I used it a lot when I was driving more than once every other week. On Railroad Street I saw a backhoe loading dirt into a truck. I was thinking that with the construction on Goshen and Shady Grove, the construction industry must be doing well to have more work on Railroad. At least that’s what I thought until I realized I was looking at the construction on Shady Grove. It’s actually going to go all the way to the back of the Robert’s Oxygen on Railroad.

If that’s the case, there’s a good chance they’ll connect Railroad to Shady Grove around the other side of Robert’s Oxygen. That could be a viable bike route from my place to the Metro station. Oakmont is just not viable for a bicycle. It has no shoulder, no sidewalks, and it is lined with warehouses (which means lots of trucks). I can get to Oakmont if I’m willing to flirt a little with serious injury, but I’m not going down Oakmont. But an alternate route would lead to the grocery store at The Grove, and that’s at the end of Crabbs Branch Way. That’s an easy shot to a hill you can ride down into the Metro Station.

Since they cut back on the public transportation subsidy, this would save me money and free me from the tyrany of the bus. If I miss the bus it’s another 20-25 minutes until the next one, and I have to structure my morning around its schedule. It might even be quicker given that the bus has to stop every block.