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by zenquaker

Quote of the Week

“That of course makes me think of the Millennium Falcon, because most things do” –Joss Whedon

Best Millennium Falcon Evar

This is one of four new regular features I am going to try and implement. I got the feeling after my last rant that this blog was getting a bit more serious and preachy than is truly reflective of my nature. So I wanted to add something a little more fun. The four features will be Quote of the Week, Haiku of the Week, Omen of the Week (otherwise known as This Week’s Sign of the Coming Apocalypse), and Spam of the Week. I’m not sure the world can provide weekly content for the last one, but we’ll give it a shot. These should be coming out Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Yeah, I know it’s Friday, but I was so excited at have actual time to study JavaScript last night that I spaced on it.