Movie Review DDD

by zenquaker

The Thing (2011)

A paleobiologist is asked to come on a hush-hush expedition to a Norwegian scientific outpost in the arctic. When she gets there she finds the Norwegians have not only discovered a 100,000 year old flying saucer, but the frozen remains of one of it’s passengers. Over her protests, samples of the frozen alien are taken before transport to a proper facility. From there things go down hill hard and fast.

This is the prequel to the John Carpenter’s classic The Thing (1982), which was a remake of classic The Thing from Another World (1951). It was too much to hope that a third classic in a row could be created, but as a fan of both of the earlier movies I was compelled to watch this one.

The story is the weak point [-]. It’s not a bad story, but it’s the exact same story that John Carpenter told. There are a few minor changes here and there, such as the test used to distinguish people from aliens, but on the whole it’s the same story. The one thing I did like is that we know the end of the movie from the start of John Carpenter’s version, writer Eric Heisserer gets us there in an indirect way to keep the suspense going [+]. The characters and the acting were rather eh; nothing to rave about and nothing to hate. The special effects were decent [+], not getting to far away from the vision of the date? version, but at the same time making use of better technology to improve the imagery.

Final Score: 5/10

Best Quote: “It’s not so funny when it’s your mom, is it?” (sorry, the dialog was not inspiring)