Movie Review DDOD

by zenquaker

In Time

Will Salas lives a future where immortality has been conquered, but time is currency. When you turn 25 you get one year to live, and have to earn more time. But for the poor, the harder you work, the more prices go up, and the more you see your friends die. Gifted with a century by a jaded rich man, Salas takes the fight to the immortal rich. The daughter of his main target falls for him, and they go become time bandits for the poor.

The movie starts out with a decent situation with potentially interesting philosophical issues and a good main character [+]. Unfortunately, the movie manages to take the classic Robin Hood/Bonnie and Clyde story and suck all the life out of it [-]. None of the action scenes have any energy to them [-]. The robbery scenes make no sense [-]. Two people with one gun managed to highjack and armored car? And to rob a bank all they need to do is drive it through the front window? And I couldn’t make sense out of the whole concept of fighting for time, although that might have just been because it was never really explained.

Final Rating: 2/10

Best Quote: Sylvia: “I didn’t mean to shoot him, I meant to scare him.” Will: “I think you did both.”