Excellent OOO

by zenquaker

Today was another one of those awesome days that makes me want to go out on the balcony and scream “It’s a wonderful life!” However, I don’t think my neighbors would agree with me, so I do my best to restrain myself.

Of course, what made it wonderful today was all the time I spent designing the database for my personal informatics project. Yes, I had a great time designing a database. Yes, my mind is completely warped. No, I don’t really care. I’m having too much fun.

It was also a beautiful day, so I could work on my database with the window open, listening to my neighbor’s pop music and watching the cat thump his tail against the wall while watching the birds and squirrels. I studied more JavaScript, and became more disappointed in the JavaScript course I’m using. But I didn’t let that get me down. I went back to working on my database.

After that I made a base CSS style sheet for my local file, cementing my abandonment of Microsoft Word. Not only can I work on my plans for my database in HTML in a text editor, I can review them in my web browser, as nice as any text editor. Excel is pretty much already toast. I converted my main spreadsheet to Task Coach. While Task Coach is not a text editor, it does track data and output it as XML.

It was so nice out I was able to take a bike ride in my t-shirt. I had a nice dinner, even if my waiter Tyrese was overworked. Then I worked on Chess, cracking 1600 on my tactics rating and winning another game. And all that with enough time left over to watch a movie, and give the new popcorn popper a second try.

It’s a Wonderful Life