Movie Review DDDO

by zenquaker

Lucky Number Slevin

After losing his job, his condo, and his girlfriend, Slevin goes to visit his friend Nick Fisher. However, Nick never meets him at the airport, and when Slevin goes to Nick’s apartment, no one is there. Slevin hangs out hoping Nick will show up, but instead two gangsters show up, thinking Slevin is Nick, and suddenly Slevin is forced to kill a man to pay of Nick’s gambling debts.

I’d actually seen this movie before and forgotten about it, which does not bode well for the movie’s rating. I rented it again because it showed up on a list of movies with Chess games in them. I’d been thinking of review movies with Chess in them, and reviewing the Chess. However, this movie is a good indication of why I never started doing that. As in many movies with Chess, the Chess game in the movie is impossible to follow; especially with the funky Chess set they use in this movie.

Anyway, the movie. The characters aren’t very good [-]. They all have their story, but the story fails to really inform the character. Except for wise ass Slevin and a couple of the side characters, they all come off in this boring monotone. The story feels incredibly contrived [-]. Of course, at the end you realize that it is contrived, but that leaves you wondering how the characters all fell for it. The ending could have been cool, but with the other failings of the movie it comes across as emotionless. It’s not really an action movie as much as a crime drama, so there’s nothing else to the movie to really comment on.

Final Rating: 2/10

Best Quote: “I live on both sides of the fence, the grass is always green.” -The Rabbi