Movie Review DDDOOO

by zenquaker

Set Up

Three childhood friends get together for their big score: a five million dollar diamond heist. But things go bad when one friend shoots the other two while meeting the fence, leaving them for dead. Of course, one of them isn’t dead, and comes back for revenge.

Netflix kept suggesting this movie, but I avoided it because it was a 50 Cent vehicle. Not that I have anything against 50 Cent, I don’t think I’ve even heard any of his music. But not all musicians do as good a job of becoming actors as Will Smith.

Anyway, the movie was pretty bad. While 50 Cent wasn’t really part of the problem, he wasn’t part of the solution either. The characters at least had character, but most of their character was pretty stupid [-]. Note to directors: you can tell your characters stink if you have introduce each one with a subtitle indicating who they are. The story was even worse than the characters [-]. The Iranian hit-man found our hero in two days, but then no one can find him for the rest of the movie? And the attempts to make the story “serious” with repeated church scenes fell as flat as a pancake. To top it off the action scenes were pathetic [-]. Except for the one mediocre foot chase, the action scenes can be broken into two categories: one guy sneaks up behind another and hits him in the head, and people stand there shooting at each other.

Final Rating: 1/10

Best Quote: Preacher: “Rest assured he is in a better place.” Sonny: “How do you know? Have you ever been dead before?”