Movie Review DDDOOOO

by zenquaker

Death Becomes Her

Madeline, a vain and spiteful actress steals yet another boyfriend from Helen (the plain and aspiring writer), sending her into decline as a fat cat lady. But she recovers and a becomes beautiful and successful, sending fear into the aging actress when they meet again. The actress goes to a mysterious address given to her by a spa owner and is given the chance for eternal youth, while the writer steals back her husband and plots to kill her. But eternal youth and death interact in strange ways…

Now that I am trying to review every movie I watch, I have found that some movies are incredibly hard to review because they’re so boring [-]. If they stink there is stuff to revile and if they are good there is something to praise, but what do you say when they’re just boring? This movie was billed as having amazing special effects. Some of them are nice, but some of them did not stand the test of time. Not that you can blame an older movie for that. The problem is that they seem to have built the whole movie around the special effects [-]. You can’t just rely on the special effects, you need a good story and good characters to carry the movie between the special effects, like in Close Encounters (a movie whose special effect stood the test of time). And if you are going to have a comedy based on special effects it needs to be funny. As in, I need to laugh more than twice during the film [-].

Final Rating: 1/10

Best Quote: “From now on I’m going to be the kind of idiot I want to be!” -Ernest