Dream SO

by zenquaker

I’m coming back to work from China Express and I see Tall Needle talking to two very pretty black women outside the office building. I want to know if it’s possible to beat someone to death with a lady’s boot. I go up to the ladies and say hello to Tall Needle, and she introduces me to the other women. I am forced to engage with some small talk with them before I can ask about the beating me to death with their boots. As I ask the question I check out their boots, which all have big, clunky soles and heels, not the spiked heels I was expecting. Tall Needle makes a lame excuse and leaves without answering the question. I talk to the two black ladies for a little while and head back into the office.

I go to the elevators, and I see that one of them is opening and closing repeatedly. On the floor of the elevator I see two black Chucks, one of which is lying across the doorway. The elevator doors keep hitting it and then opening again. I’m really embarrassed because I realize that they are my Chucks, and I left them their when I changed into my boots. I grab them up hurriedly as I go into the elevator, but then I realize that the elevator is brand new, which means I’m in the wrong building.

I head back out across the lobby. There are two receptionists there, a man and a woman, in uniforms with blue blazers. The man is sitting lotus position on the floor meditating, while the woman is sitting at her desk with an irritated look on her face.

I get to the right building and go in the elevator. Right behind me is a white teenage boy, with thick brown hair, a white t-shirt, and a baseball cap on backwards. He comes in giggling his butt off, and starts hitting all of the elevator buttons. I look down at the buttons on my side of the elevator, and see that they are all powers of two, except there is also a button for 10. You select your floor by pushing more than one button at the same time. Next to the buttons are lights indicating the selected floors, and they are all lighting up as the teenager pounds away at the buttons. I stand there giving the kid my best you-are-such-an-idiot look. As the door closes he turns to me and says “It won’t take that long.”

The next floor is the fourth floor, because the atrium has such a high ceiling. When the door opens I shove the teenager out the door. There are two small black boys with backpacks trying to get on. They keep moving toward the doors, the doors start closing, the kids jump back, and the doors pop open. After a couple rounds of this I get irritated and drag them both onto the elevator.

That’s when I wake up.