Movie Review DDDOS

by zenquaker


A brutal virus sweeps through Scotland. In a panic, the British quarantine the entire north, leaving the people to die. But three years later the Reaper virus comes back, this time in the cramped slums of London, now behind dikes to hold back the rising sea. A team of commandos heads into the quarantine zone to search for the notes of the doctor who was on the verge of a cure. But it’s a race against time, and if they don’t get the cure quickly London will be flooded to contain the spread.

Okay, here’s how you make this movie: Start with the plot from Outbreak. But that doesn’t have enough action, so bury it under the plot of Escape from New York and the visual style of the Road Warrior (but get Bob Hoskins, he’s cheaper than Mel Gibson). Throw in a bunch of stuff that just completely does not make sense [-] (A tank where you can smash the window open with a club? Really?). That will ensure that your movie will collapse under the weight of the mishmash of rip-offs you’ve assembled [-]. At that point, throw in the Lord of the Rings just to confuse everybody [-]. I mean, they do a good job ripping off the various movies, getting the key parts that make them great [+], but they don’t do anything else right and it all falls apart.

Final Rating: 2/10

Best Quote: “The wind of change is blowing a hurricane!” -Sol