Analysis OOOO

by zenquaker

My first month of quantified self data collection is finished. This was data collected on my first month of getting my exercise habit back in gear. My exercise regime has been pushups, modified crunches, and bicycle riding. I took data on all three, plus my weight and my pulse before and after exercise.

First comes the weight:

The blue line at the top is my weight. Pretty boring, I admit. During the period measured my weight had a standard deviation of only 1.2. If you calculate from after the 160 spike on the third measurement, the standard deviation drops to 0.8. The red dots are a measure of my data collecting ability, and indicate days that I remembered to weigh myself and record the measurement. I didn’t do very good, only recording data on 62.9% of the days in the time period. The big gap starting at day 87 included a four day visit from my sister, during which my standard exercise regime was suspended in favor of walking through museums all day. But even discounting those four days I only recorded data 71% of the days in the time period.

Graph of pushups and modified crunches

Now we have the basic exercises (I didn’t analyze my bicycle rides because I am slowly ramping up the distance I ride). Day 96 is the day I restarted exercising after my sister’s visit. It’s also the day I started exercising every other day instead of every day, and the day I started wearing shoes while exercising. This affects the crunches, because I lift my legs as well as my shoulders, sort of doing a sit up on my back. I think of this as a medium between wimpy crunches and supposedly-bad-for-your-back sit ups. My current goal is to consistently do 50 pushups in a set.

Pulse before and after exercising

Finally there is my pulse before and after exercising. My average pulse before exercising is 66. Based on that and the Karvonen formula my target training zone is 133 to 156. I’m not reaching that. Twice I managed to get to 132, but never 133. I am still working up to a fuller exercise routine, there is a slight break after I put away my bicycle, and I calculate my heart rate based on a 15 second count instead of a 10 second count, all of which could bias the data low. On the other hand, I haven’t been happy with my measurement quality, so I bought a stethoscope. Only the last measurement uses the stethoscope and the after heart rate is significantly low. We’ll have to see where I am next month.

Of course, next month I will also have mood data to analyze. I’ll talk about that later.