Explanation S

by zenquaker

Okay, I’m backing off from my statement that I am quitting Chess. Sort of. When I quit working on my Chess game, I was very relieved. But as I looked around I realized there were still some cleaning up to do. I’m in the middle of a fair bit of correspondence Chess: four tournaments, a pyramid, and a few assorted games. I also have some very nice Chess books I got for this latest foray into Chess, some of which have interesting information I have yet to peruse. Not to mention my numerous Chess sets, like my really cool MoMA set, and the Isle of Lewis replica set my brother got me for Christmas. What to do with all of that?

First an explanation within an explanation for those who haven’t heard of correspondence Chess. Correspondence Chess is Chess played at a distance. You make a move, and then send it to your opponent. He thinks about it, makes a move, and sends it back to you. When I was a kid, the sending back and forth was done with postcards. These days it’s mostly done with web sites. The games take weeks to play, and a tournament can easily take more than a year. Because of the long time frame, you’re allowed to use books and other resources while playing.

I think that really alleviates a lot of my problems with Chess, or it could if I was taking advantage of the opportunities that correspondence Chess allows. So I’m going to keep playing Chess, but only correspondence style. And I’m going to shift my effort from playing live Chess to taking advantage of the opportunities that correspondence Chess allows. Which will include those cool books I have, some of which I also got for Christmas, and would feel guilty about if I just got rid of them.

The beauty of all this is that it justifies keeping a bunch of Chess sets around.

However, I am going to stop playing Chess960 seriously. It’s a nice variant, but I really haven’t explored Chess enough to need to get beyond it to Chess960. I’m thinking of exploring Chess more by playing random openings, but I’m not sure if that fits will my plans for correspondence Chess. If it does, I’ll get back to you with details.